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Writing papers, theses, reports, reviews, grant proposals, CVs, web texts and other communications in English can be very frustrating, especially when: Deadlines are tight, you are not a native English speaker and technical skills exceed literary talents.

We can help, saving time, frustration and money. We fully understand the process of writing academic and other technical communications in English, and the need to do so quickly, accurately and effectively.

  • All our editors have a PhD or a Master's degree and extensive experience in industrial and academic research, as well as linguistic skills honed with in-house training
  • We cover the full spectrum of science (pure, applied and social) and humanities
  • We have a 20-year track record of writing, re-writing and editing

Understanding and Experience

We have helped clients based in more than 30 countries to deliver diverse communications and publish thousands of papers in hundreds of journals, including numerous articles in Science, Nature and PNAS. We have also helped clients to prepare successful grant applications to a range of funding bodies, resulting in awards of millions of euros. In addition to covering academic, scientific research, we have helped numerous industrial clients to prepare important reports, presentations and marketing material (for details, see our Corporate clients page).

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What some of our clients say:

"Two years ago I looked for English editing expert(s) who had biological/medical understanding. I got to know Dr. John Blackwell and commissioned him to correct a review. He edited my text and I realized that he essentially improved the text - it gained clarity and became more coherent. So we started our cooperation. His company is reliable and I am very glad to have a team of English editors supporting me."

Prof. Dr. Jozefa Gadek-Wesierski, Dept. of Medicine I. Medical University of Vienna, Austria

"Your editing is very excellent. I am very glad my draft became so easy to read"

Teiji Kondo, Forest Tree Breeding Center, Ibaraki, Japan

"I have been very pleased with your excellent and quick editing services."

Sari Räisänen, Dept. of Nursing Science, University of Eastern Finland.

"According to our five-years experience the language revisions by Sees-Editing are always clear, comprehensible and in time. However, the service is more than language revisions because Sees-Editing editors can go deeper and beyond the language, helping us to formulate our ideas more clearly and concisely."

Prof. Michal Otyepka, Dept. of Physical Chemistry, Palacky University, Czech Republic

"In the last 15 years many colleagues and I at Swedish universities have used Sees-editing's services to improve papers, theses, proposals and reports. It has been an excellent service! Our topics have covered everything from advanced molecular biology and chemometrics, through ecology and forestry, to politics and sociology. Your company has consistently met tight deadlines, and we have no doubt that your contribution has enhanced our publication rates."

Göran Sandberg, formerly rektor of Umeå University, currently Executive Director of the Wallenberg Foundations, Sweden.

"Sees-editing has helped us to prepare manuscripts for many years. The service is quick, reliable and greatly improves our papers. We have no doubt that it has also helped us to maintain high publication rates."

Lili Zhu, College of Life Sciences, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

It has been a pleasure working with Sees-editing. They have always returned papers quickly, not merely correcting spelling mistakes etc., but also suggesting re-arrangements of the text and adding helpful comments. Also I greatly appreciate the personal and kind service provided by the editors."

Prof. Luciano Mateos, Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, CSIC, Córdoba, Spain.

"Sees-editing has been helping us to prepare papers for seventeen years and in recent years they have also helped us to acquire research grants worth over 15 million euros"

Thomas Moritz, Director, Swedish Metabolomics Center, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå