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Sees-editing can help you:

  • Maximise chances of publishing papers
  • Successfully complete dissertations and doctoral theses
  • Increase the impact of all scientific writing and technical communications

Writing papers, theses, reports, reviews, grant proposals, CVs, web texts and other communications in English can be very frustrating, especially when:

  • Deadlines are tight
  • You are not a native English speaker
  • Your technical skills exceed your literary talents

We can help, saving time, frustration and money. We fully understand the process of writing academic and other technical communications in English, and the need to do so quickly, accurately and effectively.

  • All our editors have a PhD or a Master's degree and extensive experience in industrial and academic research, as well as linguistic skills that have been honed with in-house training
  • We cover the full spectrum of science (pure, applied and social)
  • We have a 20-year track record of writing, re-writing and editing

Using this understanding and experience, we have helped clients based in more than 30 countries to deliver diverse communications and publish thousands of papers in hundreds of journals, including numerous articles in Science, Nature and PNAS. We have also helped clients to prepare successful grant applications to a range of funding bodies, resulting in awards of millions of euros. In addition to covering academic, scientific research, we have helped numerous industrial clients to prepare important reports, presentations and marketing material (for details, see our Corporate clients page).

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Sees-editing has edited thousands of papers for scientists, technologists and industrialists based in more than 30 countries covering a huge range of subjects including: Agronomy, Archaeology, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Education, Engineering, Forestry, Genetics, Industrial Processes, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics and Social Sciences

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