Grant Applications

Grant Applications

Generating funds for exciting research

SEES has helped clients secure research funding from a range of highly competitive sources, including both national and supra-national organisations. Our clients have won large grants from agencies such as:

  • The ERC under both the Horizon 2020 and FP7 frameworks
  • The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation
  • The national research councils of Sweden and the Czech Republic
  • Various NGOs and institutional funding bodies

Because the competition for research funding is so intense, it is essential for grant applications to be clearly written, persuasively explain the quality of the proposed science, and precisely target the requirements and objectives of the funding organisation and stakeholders.

We can help with all three of these key issues by working with you closely as your grant application is prepared, ensuring that your research is presented in the best possible way. We will:

  • Carefully review your proposal
  • Suggest amendments to improve its cohesion, structure, and quality of language
  • Identify ways to highlight particularly important themes and their relations to key objectives and specifications of the targeted call for proposals.
  • Help you to write parts of the application that have not yet been drafted

For more information about our grant-writing services, or a no-obligation quotation, please email us at .

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