Working Practices

Working Practices

1. Send manuscript

Send your manuscript for editing to us as an attachment via email, preferably in Word™ format.*

Working Practices

2. Receipt acknowledged

We acknowledge receipt of your paper.

Working Practices

3. We work on paper

Our editors work on your paper, not only checking language, grammar and spelling, but also making suggestions to improve the flow of information and other aspects.

Working Practices

4. We return paper

We return the paper for you to consider our recommendations.

Working Practices

5. You ask questions

You ask any questions you may have regarding our suggestions.

Working Practices

6. We respond

We respond, and when you are satisfied with the work we send an invoice for payment.

*We can handle other formats, e.g. LaTeX, but these may require more time, and thus incur a higher fee (agreed in advance), than editing a paper in Word.

Working Practices

Clear suggestions for language, structure and linking ideas


The changes and amendments we make are generally marked in the text and using Word's change-tracking system.

We make the suggested changes as easy to understand and process as possible:

Where simple grammatical changes are needed, we make appropriate amendments in the text.

Where short passages are unclear, we highlight them and write our suggested amendments in comments boxes.

If a long passage requires re-arrangement, to improve narrative flow (storytelling), for example, we send the re-arranged and amended passage in a separate file.

Where necessary we also explain why we think the changes are required, and in all cases we try to minimise the cutting, pasting and other amendments you have to make.

Any questions?

Our editors will answer any questions you have about the suggested changes to your manuscript.


We aim to return all but the longest papers within 7-14 days of receiving them, having considered construction, style, presentation, technical details, treatment of limitations and novel aspects, as well as basic spelling and grammar. We also have faster "Priority" or "Express" services if deadlines are tight (we have returned PhD theses within 24 hours). See our Pricing page for more information.


All manuscripts we handle are viewed solely by our administrators and the editor(s) who edit them, and their contents are never discussed with anyone else until they have been published.

For more information regarding our services, or a no-obligation quotation, please email us at .

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