A Scientific Approach

If you want to publish papers in highly ranked journals, or reach target audiences with any other communications, they must be:

Clear, focused and present all the required information

You may have spent months, or even years, researching an interesting phenomenon or developing new methodology, novel concepts or advanced equipment, but the hard work is not over. A key step remains: to communicate your findings or developments to readers or customers. Many brilliant scientists, other academics and technicians find this challenging, but for 22 years we have successfully applied a scientific approach to this challenge, editing or re-writing thousands of papers on behalf of hundreds of clients based in more than 30 countries:

Expressing the information that needs to be included in each section of a text clearly and concisely, applying effective strategies to address limitations and highlight novelties

Sharing our expertise

To share this expertise, the Director of Sees-editing Ltd (John Blackwell) and a long-standing colleague (Jan Martin) have written a book entitled A Scientific Approach to Scientific Writing, published by Springer, New York. John and Jan have written, re-written or edited more than 7,000 papers, reviews, theses, reports and other texts. Based on this experience, and inputs from senior scientists from various countries, the book is primarily designed to help scientists who are not native English speakers to compose scientific communications and address referees' comments.

For further information regarding this book and the authors, click on the image to go Springer's site or visit the Abstracts and Authors pages of this site.

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