Ensuring presentations are clear and concise

Corporate communications are important. Adverts, webpages, presentations at conferences and trade fairs, brochures, descriptions of technical specifications, reports and other documents must be sharp, concise and accurate. If they are not well constructed, they will be ignored or (worse) customers may think your products are also faulty.

Therefore, we have sharpened communications (inter alia) for:

  • Multi-national car and truck makers
  • Global pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotechnology, agricultural and forestry corporations, and a major Japanese bank

These companies are not named, as part of our confidentiality practice.

Why use our services for corporate communications?

  • Your deadlines may be tight
  • The literary skills of your R&D staff may not match their technical skills, while
  • The technical understanding of your sales staff may not match their retail skills

We provide a unique combination of:

  • High-level technical understanding
  • Ability to produce commercially effective communications

We can use this understanding to enhance texts of communications ranging from small advertisements through webpages and conference presentations to papers in Science. Further, in conjunction with partner designers we can design and deliver high-impact websites, brochures, videos and other materials that do not garble key technical specifications of your products.

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Sees-editing has enhanced communications of numerous corporate clients, including various multinationals operating in diverse market sectors.

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